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Mali-G68 MP2 @ 950MHz vs Mali-G57 MC5 @ 800MHz which GPU is better in benchmarks or gaming

Mali-G68 MP2 at 950 MHz vs Mali-G57 MC5 at 800 MHz

GPU comparisons   08-03-2023
   Extreme benchmark examination data of Mali-G68 MP2 @ 950MHz vs Mali-G57 MC5 @ 800MHz, which GPU is better. Detailed compare of graphics processors (GPU). A thorough analysis of all the technical characteristics, to make it easier to understand, is made by the table. From the video comparison, you can get the results of joint testing in special testing software like PCMark, 3DMark, GeekBench 6, 5.2, Quadrant, Neocore, Vellamo, GFXBench, PassMark, AnTuTu v10, 9, even the gaming performance of GPUs in PUBG, Madout2, GTA, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Asphalt 9, Minecraft etc.
   After reading the results these tests and videos, you already be able to know which GPU is better to buy Mali-G68 MP2 or Mali-G57 MC5.

Mali-G68 MP2 @ 950MHz vs Mali-G57 MC5 @ 800MHz comparison
Mali-G68 MP2 @ 950 MHz GPU
Mali-G57 MC5 @ 800 MHz GPU
SpecMali-G68 MP2 @ 950MHz Mali-G57 MC5 @ 800MHz
Frequency950 MHz800 MHz
Lithography5 nm6 nm
Antutu v10398642328163
GeekBench 607230
GFloPS928 GFloPS630.15 GFloPS
Triangle Fillrate2876 MT/s490 MT/s
Pixel Fillrate132 GP/s7.88 GP/s

The number of parameters for which Mali-G68 MP2 @ 950MHz is better: 6
The number of parameters for which Mali-G57 MC5 @ 800MHz is better: 3

   Please note that you do not need to blindly trust the automatic comparison of the table. You can watch full video of joint comparison and listen to what people say who really appreciated the capabilities of both GPUs, and also read the test results on the links under the article.

Mali-G68 MP2 (950MHz) GPU - all info

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Mali-G68 MP2 GPU Comparisons
• Vs Mali-G77 MP8 (800MHz)
• Vs Apple A12 Bionic (2500MHz)
• Vs Mali-G57 MP5 (850MHz)
• Vs PowerVR BXM-8-256 (800MHz)
• Vs Apple A13 Bionic (2600MHz)
• Vs Adreno 642L (550MHz)
• Vs Mali-G68 MC4 (800MHz)
• Vs Mali-G77 MP11 (800MHz)
• Vs Mali-G77 MC9 (800MHz)
• Vs Adreno 650 (600MHz)
• Vs Mali-G610 MP6 (600MHz)
• Vs Mali-G610 MC3 (600MHz)
• Vs Mali-G68 MP6 (700MHz)
• Vs Apple A14 Bionic (3000MHz)
• Vs Adreno 643L (812MHz)
• Vs Mali-G615 (700MHz)
• Vs Adreno 650 (645MHz)
• Vs Mali-G78 MP10 (700MHz)
• Vs Apple A12X Bionic (2500MHz)
• Vs Mali-G78 MP14 (700MHz)
• Vs Mali-G78 MP22 (650MHz)
• Vs Adreno 430 (600MHz)
• Vs Apple A12Z Bionic (2500MHz)
• Vs Mali-G78 MP24 (650MHz)
• Vs Mali-G78AE (700MHz)
• Vs Mali-G710 MP16 (650MHz)
• Vs Mali-G710 MP07 (850MHz)
• Vs Adreno 690 (600MHz)
• Vs Mali-G57 MP6 (850MHz)
• Vs Mali-G510 MP6 (800MHz)
• Vs Mali-G76 MP18 (950MHz)
• Vs Adreno 619L (975MHz)
• Vs Adreno 680 (600MHz)
• Vs Mali-G57 MP4 (600MHz)
• Vs Adreno 640 (750MHz)
• Vs Mali-G76 MP12 (800MHz)
• Vs Mali-G57 MC3 (650MHz)
• Vs Adreno 619 (950MHz)
• Vs Apple A11 Bionic (2400MHz)
• Vs Adreno 620 (750MHz)
• Vs Adreno 675 (600MHz)
• Vs Mali-G57 MC2 (950MHz)
• Vs Adreno 618 (750MHz)
• Vs Mali-G76 3EEMC4 (900MHz)
• Vs Mali-G76 3EEMC4 (800MHz)
• Vs Adreno 630 (650MHz)
• Vs PowerVR GT7600 (900MHz)
• Vs Mali-G52 MP6 (850MHz)
• Vs Mali-G76 MP5 (700MHz)
• Vs PowerVR GM 9446 (800MHz)
• Vs Mali-G52 MP2 (850MHz)
• Vs Mali-G72 MP18 (850MHz)
• Vs Mali-G52 MP2 (614MHz)
• Vs Adreno 618 (700MHz)
• Vs Mali-G52 2EEMC2 (950MHz)
• Vs Mali-G68 MP5 (950MHz)
• Vs Mali-G610 MC4 (700MHz)
• Vs IMG BXM-8-256 (800MHz)
• Vs Maleoon 910 (750MHz)

Mali-G57 MC5 (800MHz) GPU - all info

Mali-G57 MC5 GPU Comparisons
• Vs Mali-G615 (700MHz)
• Vs Adreno 643L (812MHz)
• Vs Mali-G68 MP5 (950MHz)
• Vs Mali-G610 MC4 (700MHz)
• Vs Mali-G57 MC1 2EE (750MHz)
• Vs IMG BXM-8-256 (800MHz)
Mali-G68 MP2 @ 950 MHz GPU
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