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QCM4290 Antutu 8 benchmark score points

Qualcomm QCM4290 Antutu 8 score

Antutu 8   18-02-2023
   If you can't decide which with CPU to buy a phone, you can make a decision by looking at the Qualcomm QCM4290 Antutu 8 score test and decide is it a good mobile gadget with CPU or a bad one to buy, how powerful is this chip. Here you can find all information from Antutu 8 benchmark. A step-by-step analysis of all the technical characteristics, so that it can be easier to understand, is summarized in the table. The chipset is equipped with Adreno 610 GPU works with graphics with a productivity of 312 GFlops.
   After reading the results of joint test and video, you already be able to figure out do you need to buy phone with Qualcomm QCM4290 or not.

QCM4290 Antutu 8Antutu 8

   Although it should be understood that all the number in the text above do not mean that taking them into account you should completely trust a simple comparison of these figures. Better to watch the testing video and read the opinion of of people who bought mobile gadget with Qualcomm QCM4290 before deciding buy mobile device with this chipset or not.
Qualcomm QCM4290 CPU - all data

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